Frank Shober, Inc.

Equipment Sales, and Service to the Refuse and Recycling Industry.

Press Release

Frank Shober, Inc. is pleased to announce that it has been appointed a distributor for Wildlife Defense

Systems of Saint Marys , GA. Frank Shober, president of FSI, has been involved in the garbage

equipment supply industry from the early days of the hydraulic revolution. Hydraulic power changed

the face of the waste handling industry over those decades of my tenure . Wildlife Defense

Systems has the potential to become an earth shaker, not only in the waste industry, but through

increased crop yields in farming & grain transfer, airport flight path safety, wind & solar farm pest

control and any number of other applications. The last few words to be said to on this subject

that I like to repeat, “It not about the noise, it’s about the science!”

Frank Shober            

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